Get your CRM working on autopilot with automation


Worksorted is a CRM.   You can log in, go to a client page, put in file notes, work on jobs, create documents, send SMS or create emails. The things you do in the CRM are stored against the client’s records. To make you more efficient, Worksorted takes those functions up another two levels.

The first level up is the ability to communicate with clients on bulk. Like sending a list of clients who are due for review, a personalised SMS in the one action. When you do that in Worksorted, a copy of each message is stored against each client.

The second level up is where you establish fully automated processes in Worksorted. You create your own processes with the content you want to send, to which clients and when.   These rules use key dates like birth dates and review dates.  Once your rules are set, Worksorted then performs those tasks for you.

It is this higher-level functioning of our CRM that is really supporting financial advice firms to deliver high touch service, without the need to click or for that matter to even log into their CRM.

If you’d like to check it out for yourself, just get in touch with us and we’d be happy to share it with you.

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Get organised to build profits


In the world of financial advice, the most effective strategy to improve profitability is to retain and add value to your existing customers. Good businesses know that this will not only help a firm to grow its revenue per client, but will also lead to more referrals from those clients.

There’s been a lot of recent chatter about the way technology might be used to deliver various parts of the advice process, more cheaply and with greater scale. In time, these robo concepts will no doubt present both opportunities and threats to Australian financial advice firms.

At Worksorted, in all we do and in all our conversations with firms, we consider the changing shape of the financial services. Things may or may not happen quickly. With that in mind, our focus is firmly on delivering to the needs of advisers today. Building new ways advice businesses can deliver personalised service, advice and communications to their clients.

Our approach is simple and summarised in three parts:

Firstly, we enable you to build an understanding of every one of your clients – a single view of all the financial relationships and services those clients have with you.

Secondly, the Worksorted application make it easy for you to organise your client base, perhaps to segment those clients and to structure your service offer accordingly.

With that structure in place, Worksorted’s CRM and workflow tools then helps you day-in, day-out, to efficiently and in some cases automatically create, track, store, file note, document, communicate and report on every step of your financial service delivery. The Worksorted offer is a unique, tailored CRM along with a range of support services offered to Australian advice firms. Firms with a blend of accounting, financial advice and mortgage services.

Let us help you build a better, more organised and more profitable business.

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