Supporting advisers with quality, Australian-based audio transcription


Many advisers are pushing 4 or so appointments per day and to suit their busy clients, they are running evening meetings either at the office or in client homes.  It’s common for Licensees to expect that meeting file notes are typed up, stored in a meaningful way and done within 24 hours.

Let’s face it, not all advisers are excellent typists and very few enjoy time in front of the computer screen.   Especially after a full day or late appointments.  Advisers prefer to concentrate on giving advice.

To support our CRM users, Worksorted offers an audio transcription service on a fee-for-service basis for file note and task updates.

Here’s how it works.

Advisers call a dedicated 1300 number any time of day or night and leave a recorded message. The adviser identifies themselves, their firm and the client or job the note relates to.

By way of example, the service is used as the adviser is driving home after that late appointment, to leave a short file note and set any follow-up reminders. At the other extreme, some messages are more than 30 minutes long, with finer details of a client appointment to be noted.

The Worksorted Support team receives a copy of the audio file and we transcribe the content into text. This is done by our team, in Australia, producing quality output.  Because of the way Worksorted is designed, with your permission we are able to lodge a copy of the text directly into your client file, along with a copy of the original audio file for your future reference. To neatly close the loop, the adviser is sent a notification that the note is completed.

It’s a pretty simple and incredibly popular service, conveniently saving time for our users.  So put 1300 053 103 into your phones and leave us a message. From there, the Worksorted Support team will sort the rest out for you.

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How Worksorted listens to user ideas


If you have an idea or suggestion to make Worksorted work even better, then we would love to hear about it.  Over the years, we have considered thousands of suggestions. Some things are easy, some more complicated. Every idea takes time to scope, assess and prioritise.  We have a firm belief that no idea – especially from users – should be dismissed out of hand. And we have a process in place to support that belief. Here’s how that process works.

When you provide an idea to us, we give our tech guys 72 hours to consider it.  They will report back whether the idea already exists in our queue, whether it is not something we will put into our pipeline (with reasons why), or if it is something we put into our pipeline.

If it is new to the queue, we will give you some guidance as to when it will be delivered into Worksorted. We will be as precise as we can, nominating a particular month.  The idea is added to our standard development priority system. We pick up the entire build investment. And whilst we stand by our estimates of time, they are subject to change at our discretion.

From your perspective, we get that sometimes that is not enough. You may see the suggestion as more important or more time critical than we do.    So, we have a way deal to with that.  When we let you know our assessment, we will also provide you with a price to share the build cost. This is an investment your firm may choose to commit to for us to accelerate the build. With your support, we then boost your suggestion up the queue for a faster delivery.

To be clear, you will be under no obligation to take up that offer. But it is there, as an option, for you.

So that is how the process of Worksorted development ideas work.  Again, we appreciate user suggestions. Working closely with our users helps us create a better solution that we are all proud of.

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Getting started options with Worksorted


You may have heard from others that it’s worth checking out Worksorted.  We understand that for some, the best way to get to know our capabilities and to get a feel for Worksorted is to get in and have a play around with it yourself – in your own time and self-guided.

So, if you are after your own, free access, to our application we are certainly happy to accommodate you.  Worksorted is organised as a single, centralised and secure application. It’s online and available using any web browser.  To access it, every user has their own, unique user name and password.  The first step to your free access is to use the registration form on the Worksorted website to establish your own profile.

Once we have been automatically notified of your registration, within 24 hours we will connect you to our demonstration group profile.  You will then be at liberty to tinker to your heart’s content.

You will have complete and live access to our system. This will include the WalkMe user guides and you are quite welcome to use our Live Chat function to ask anything of our technical support team.   Don’t be afraid to create activities, assign tasks, create reports or to put your own test notes in to the system. That will help you to understand how it works.

If it’s easier for you, once you have your profile, you might prefer a guided, personalised tour of Worksorted. If that’s the case, please just let us know by booking a time.

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Becoming confident in your revenue numbers


A typical advice firm will earn around $1.5 million a year, broken up into 61,000 small individual commissions, fees and trail payments.    To make things more complicated, those little revenue transactions are collected from an average 15 separate sources.     

It was true that for years, the business of advice was profitable enough that revenue statements from those sources were merely, chucked in the draw – because the figures seemed “about right”.

But times have changed.  The licensing and compliance regimes are tougher.  It takes longer and is more expensive to deliver advice services.

As a result, confidently understanding client revenue and tracking it – client by client – across family groups – and over time – is becoming very important.   

Our conversations with practices usually start with hearing of a well-founded lack of confidence in revenue.    That lack of confidence often comes when the top-line revenue just doesn’t seem to make sense.   The business has been putting on new clients each month, but the numbers aren’t going in the right direction.  Or when revenue from a particular provider seems to be missing from one particular month.    These are all real and common situations.

The problem for firms is finding the time to deal with the complexity of revenue statements and reconciling bank accounts. But it just so happens that dealing with that detail and helping firms get confidence in the numbers, is something that Worksorted has become very good at.   We have the system, tools and skills to do it quickly.  Our intensive implementation process will deliver confidence that the revenue you are entitled to is present and all accounted for.

If you are lacking confidence in your revenue right now then please reach out to us.  We’d love to help you.

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