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Im interested in transitioning to Worksorted from my current CRM provider, will your team be able to on-board my historic client & revenue data?

Yes, Our team has extensive experience on-boarding large amounts of historic data from other CRM providers. We act promptly to ensure you and your business experience a smooth transition and are accessing Worksorted with ease in no time, allowing you to reduce operating costs and boost the value of your financial services firm.

We would like to track revenue for our clients and in particular group clients that are corporate clients under the same Business – can we do this in Worksorted?

You have a number of customisable fields, ie. Client Group, Division, Segment, Service package, to identify and group your clients and report on their revenue – either as individuals or as part of a group within your practice.

I want to check on monthly productivity across my practice. Can I see this quickly in a visual format?

Filters provide insightful results into job contributions, across practice processes and individual contributors. You can access this information under Reports & Job Creation. From this menu you can select various filters to view a graphical representation of job activities. Switching charts to monthly views can show some interesting trends regarding the fluctuations in the levels of activity throughout the year.

Can I see at a glance how jobs vary from original timeframe to actual completed timeframe?

Job Archive Variances are found under Jobs & Archive. This will show the number of actual completion days, measured against the original planned completion timeframe. Of course, some first time or one off activities will take longer than you first thought. But this view provides a good representation of whether your practice is achieving what it says it is going to achieve for your clients.

Within our practice we treat husband and wife as one client. Can we do this in Worksorted?

When it makes sense to group individuals together in your database (eg. husband, wife, Trust, SMSF) you may use Worksorted Client Group Names or link them using a selection of relationships. Creating relationship links enables a much more detailed view of group structures. We recommend that you use this function. On a client’s page you can view group jobs, notes, archived activities, advice documentation, review dates and address information. This will save you time updating information and help you maintain more accurate client data. Found under: Client pages > Relationship Views.

Can Worksorted show me how much trail revenue we receive on insurance product in the last 12 months?

Worksorted has an array of analytical tools to help understand the breakdown of revenue by various measures including product type, revenue type, individual or client group revenue, manufacturers and date ranges. All this information can be accessed under – Reports & Revenue Bands or Reports & Revenue Trends (Client or Practice) or Reports & Revenue Matrix.

I want to see my top 20 clients by revenue? Can I also see this against the cost of services we have provided?

Worksorted offers client grouping using a group name or individual relationships established between clients. This provides practices with extremely flexible views of client and group contribution to profit. This can be set up under Admin & Group Management & Current Group & Profitability. From here you can choose settings to suit your requirements. You can then generate reports to view these groups. This is found under Reports & Client Revenue and Profitability. Worksorted users costs can be entered against client activities when they complete checklist steps and sort jobs. Alternatively, a notional cost can be applied to each job type (eg. $50.00 per review job) or the direct cost can be attributed (eg. Jo Paraplanner charged $250.00 for the plan).

A lot of our client contact details need to be added or updated. Is there any way we can populate a spreadsheet and upload details?
You can export a full client list from the Client List page (Clients menu) – if you are unable to see the Excel icon, you may need your Administrator to update your permissions under Admin | Group Management – Members.
You can populate information on this spreadsheet, noting the fields that you have updated (you can highlight the column or column header). It is important not to delete any columns – you can hide them while working with the file if that is helpful. These fields can then be updated in the system (all at once) using the ‘Append’ function on the client page. We would be happy to assist you with this once you have populated the data.

We have two 70 step processes that we follow to on board new clients. One for personal clients and one for corporate clients. Plus other small day to day processes that we follow when clients call for info. Can we put all this in Worksorted?

Yes! You can use a Job Type to capture the individual steps in a distinct process. The Job will then guide your team through a job using your process. You can create, add and edit as many job types as you wish.

I need to find a commission statement from a specific date, can you tell me where I can find this?

The commission statements can be found under Revenue > Import Revenue.  On that page you can filter the statement files based on the payment date or uploaded date to find what you are looking for.

How do I send an SMS to a group of clients?

Select Clients > Client List. From here you can choose the client(s) you wish to send an SMS to. Select SMS from the top menu and choose from a template or write your own message. Templates can also be set up under Admin > Group Management > Document Template. You can even schedule SMS messages to be sent at a future date, for example, send a birthday message or a review reminder.

We are using the SMS function to schedule SMS appointment reminders. We have had situations when we have needed to cancel and reschedule but we don’t know how to do that.

Under the Client menu you will see a link called “Scheduled SMS”. There you will see the ability to cancel the scheduled SMS.

I’m looking to sell a list of clients. Can Worksorted help me with confirming revenue figures?

Worksorted is ideal for reporting out revenues (initial and ongoing as you recognise them) on individual clients. With your revenue statements and client list in Worksorted – and revenues matched to clients reporting and analysis of your selected clients is quick and simple. Worksorted will also highlight if you have clients on your list that are related to other clients not on your sale list.

I started making a fairly long client note and then received a phone call. Is my note gone? Is there a way to automatically save when I am creating notes?

When you are entering notes there are times when you could be interrupted or Internet connections can drop out if you are working on a mobile device out of the office. This means vital information can be lost. In order to prevent this you can activate an automatic save feature for typing up file or job notes. Found under: Admin > My Profile > Default Settings.

Some of our clients have a lot of notes, emails, contact history etc. Is there a way of organising this information into categories to make it easier to find?

Groups are able to customise forms and content. Set your customised categories under Admin > Group Management > click on the settings icon > Note Category. When you create your note you can select the category from the drop down list. View your notes by year created (clock icon in the notes header bar) or by category (>_ icon with white and grey bars). You are able to set your default view under Admin > My Profile > Default Settings. If you have permission to edit notes, you can update your existing notes to file in your new categories.

Can I obtain detailed policy information quickly in relation to my clients? Can Worksorted help me to identify opportunities for my clients?

Worksorted enables the import of policy and account information sourced from product manufacturers (eg. account balances, sums insured, policy ownership or commission structures). This information may be updated as frequently as the practice deems suitable. Reporting and filters provide powerful marketing and sales opportunities for the practice (eg. clients with superannuation but no insurance). Workflow tasks are easily generated to get started with potential new revenue generating activities. This information can be accessed under Clients > Policy Management > Unmatched policies for linking data to policy records, Clients > Policy Management > Product Holding Analysis and Clients > Policy Management > Product Holding Analysis by Client.

Is there a way of changing electronic consent to ‘Yes’ to update a group of people?

In order to change the electronic consent to ‘Yes’ for a group of people choose Clients > Clients list. Filter to your selected clients – use criteria under the magnifying glass icon. There is another button called “Bulk Update”.  Select the clients you wish to update and click next. Select the “Set/Update Electronic Consent (Contact) as” radio button and choose the value you want next to it. Click save.

How do I see any unmatched revenue?

You can view the unmatched revenue at Clients > Client Matching.  On this page you will see all the unmatched revenue. You can also link any unmatched revenue to clients from this page.

How do I identify any ongoing revenue that may have ceased?

Go to the Policy Management page and select Possible Terminated Policies. This will show you the usual payment frequency of historic ongoing revenue against policy numbers. If this ongoing payment has stopped or is ‘late’ the report will highlight the usual frequency and the last date that payment was received.

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