How Worksorted listens to user ideas


If you have an idea or suggestion to make Worksorted work even better, then we would love to hear about it.  Over the years, we have considered thousands of suggestions. Some things are easy, some more complicated. Every idea takes time to scope, assess and prioritise.  We have a firm belief that no idea – especially from users – should be dismissed out of hand. And we have a process in place to support that belief. Here’s how that process works.

When you provide an idea to us, we give our tech guys 72 hours to consider it.  They will report back whether the idea already exists in our queue, whether it is not something we will put into our pipeline (with reasons why), or if it is something we put into our pipeline.

If it is new to the queue, we will give you some guidance as to when it will be delivered into Worksorted. We will be as precise as we can, nominating a particular month.  The idea is added to our standard development priority system. We pick up the entire build investment. And whilst we stand by our estimates of time, they are subject to change at our discretion.

From your perspective, we get that sometimes that is not enough. You may see the suggestion as more important or more time critical than we do.    So, we have a way deal to with that.  When we let you know our assessment, we will also provide you with a price to share the build cost. This is an investment your firm may choose to commit to for us to accelerate the build. With your support, we then boost your suggestion up the queue for a faster delivery.

To be clear, you will be under no obligation to take up that offer. But it is there, as an option, for you.

So that is how the process of Worksorted development ideas work.  Again, we appreciate user suggestions. Working closely with our users helps us create a better solution that we are all proud of.