Michael Smith – Halpin Financial Services

Adam van de Water, Principal, Brava Financial Solutions

We use Worksorted in our financial planning practice. Once setup the break down of revenue is invaluable. We are able to easily sort different revenue streams and adviser commissions in a date range of our choice. It is also easy to keep track of individual clients,  new and ongoing business. There are many other features but revenue sorting is our most used.

-Kari Marks, Dunsford Financial Planning


“Our practice has been using Worksorted for over three years. The CRM software is easy to use, particularly when managing daily work flow and tasks. The team is very prompt and helpful when requiring assistance. Would happily recommend the software to anyone in the financial planning industry.”

– Mark Jefferey, Frontier Financial Group


“Having just made the full transition to worksorted from COIN, we couldn’t recommend WS more highly. Their support team and training are exceptional and the efficiencies the software has created have been very evident to the whole team! Wish we made the switch earlier.”

– Jenna Maher, Vine Wealth


“During a recent trauma claim for open heart surgery, I was very pleased we have been using Worksorted for our process and job management in our Practice. At first contact with the insurance provider we were advised the policy had been cancelled! We were able to quickly draw a clear history of activities and file notes for our client – it was simple to record and retrieve in Worksorted. The notes from Worksorted were evidence of a requested restructure in the policy, the provider accidently actioned to cancel the policy. With this evidence the provider along with their records subsequently paid out on the claim. Overall, a great outcome! We were delighted to be able to deliver for our client during an already difficult time. ”

– Graeme Wandel, Clare Financial Services


“It has become apparent that after a few months of using Worksorted, our expectations have been exceeded!

We now have a very effective work/job tracking system that is simple to use and easily accessible by all staff from any computer ( no longer confined to locally stored spreadsheets). The ability to create flexible checklists into the various job types gives peace of mind that necessary processes are actioned in a logical and timely order. Another stand out feature for us is the revenue tracking system which is very clever and simple to set up. It provides a wealth of useful reports which greatly enhances our ability to track client/product/company revenue. There is no other system that can do this and it is so easy to use!

The level of support we receive from the Worksorted team is exceptional, with regular updates and information on enhancements as they occur. ”

– Chris Brown, Administration Manager, Planning for Life Pty Ltd


” Worksorted was a natural fit for Brava. As a client centric business to have a tool which connects us to our clients (Internal and External) on a communication, relationship and revenue level at a glance helps us to manage the Brava business very effectively. The Worksorted Team have a very pro-active offer in terms of ongoing support and always readily take feedback to improve the software and therefore the outcomes for users. Their forward looking focus as one of our major strategic relationships is just so important in our industry of constant change.”

– Adam van de Water, Principal, Brava Financial Solutions


“We outsource paraplanning, legal and mortgage advice services – using Worksorted our team and our advice partners now have great visibility of work status and improved communication with clients. Everyone feels engaged and involved in getting the job done.”

– Michael Smith, Halpin Financial Services


“Worksorted has paid for itself already – we were able to identify an underpayment of $5k. MLC has paid us the cash and not charged the client. A great result. Thanks Worksorted!”

– Liam Diggin, Principal Financial Planner, Mentor1 Financial Planning


“We are thrilled to be using the document and checklist features in some key job types. It’s allowed us to share some template and standard documents in the cloud for easy retrieval. This has been especially useful when we have advisers working in field without shared drive access to our server. The other benefit has been to use the checklists to indicate the usual high level steps that a task would go through. It’s quicker and easier to update the notes in a job and forms the basis of our compliance checks. We are finding the quick responsive way that Worksorted approaches feedback is super valuable.”

– Tabitha Tworek, Operations Manager, Insight Wealth & Accounting Advice


“While working through the start-up phase of our new business it became evident that managing our commission statements, workflow and client file notes was something that would take significant amounts of time but also something that was extremely important to get right. After working through the practicalities of these issues we started to look for a product that would help make things easier.

Through our MLC relationship we were put in front of Dan from Worksorted who explained how Worksorted could solve these problems for us. Having understood how Worksorted could help us, through Dan’s easy to understand explanation and Anthea’s support, we engaged Worksorted as the provider of our client workflow and file note CRM and as our revenue management system.

Since then we have seen the savings in time that Worksorted can provide us, have seen how easy it is to manage client workflow and file notes and experienced the excellent support from the Worksorted team, which makes using the system even easier to use. I would encourage you to consider Worksorted as a tool that will add value to your business. ”

– Dave Schultz, Principal, Encounter Financial Services Pty Ltd


“I no longer need a note pad and pen by the bed. I sleep soundly knowing that Worksorted will keep my business on track and help me tend to my clients’ financial affairs. Thanks to Worksorted, not only is my daily workflow taken care of but I can also easily track my initial and ongoing revenue. No more clunky spreadsheets, or hours of inputting data. I love the flexible reporting options and already feel like the business can tackle the pending FOFA challenges. Congratulations to the Worksorted team on their intuitive, easy to operate site.”

– Kate Phillips, Tend Financial Planning


“As you are probably aware, Donna and the team have been working hard to get Worksorted implemented in our business. The commission system is fantastic and the workflow management piece is looking to be equally so. From the reports I have received from Donna, your team has been very supportive and flexible throughout the entire process. Job well done!! ”

– Steven May, Financial Planner, Insight Wealth Planning


“One of the main things that need to be kept in mind is that planners spend a lot of time creating paper trails for auditors and to protect themselves from litigation. I know that a lot of planners are crying out for a practice management solution that creates this paper trail from the first contact, to on boarding the client and providing advice, through to maintaining and providing an ongoing service to the client. We chose Worksorted because it provides that paper trail at the end of a workflow that can be exported and saved to a client’s file. ”

– Brett Wright, Business Funding & Planning Pty Ltd


“I just wanted to say thank you for looking into my suggestions on updating various options in Worksorted. I am really impressed that your team implemented them and did so in such a timely manner.”

– Sue Stuart, Getson Consulting Pty Ltd


“We find the FDS & Opt In functions are working very well for our practice. We have peace of mind knowing we can clearly (and easily) track our Fee Disclosure and now Opt In dates. We have successfully produced our combined statements (FDS & Opt In renewal) from the templates we created in WS. Thank you to the team at WS!

– Chris Brown, Administration Manager, Planning for Life Pty Ltd