5 tips to consider when reviewing your tech stack



With many Financial Planning practices implementing tech stacks to leverage best of breed software in their practices,  it’s important to ensure your provider of choice will be able to cater to your specific practice needs. Here are 5 quick tips to consider when reviewing your tech stack.


1. Always start with a good foundation

Building your tech stack is like building a new house, you should always start with the foundation first. By implementing a central, operation hub for your practice, you can be assured your foundation will support the other systems you implement down the track.

2. Generic or purpose-built?

When searching for a CRM, you should consider the difference between a ‘generic CRM’ and a ‘purpose-built CRM’ for your industry. If your CRM is not purpose-built, there will be a significant amount of work required to make it fit, and in financial services, we have a lot of industry-specific information that you are obligated to capture.

3. How much will you pay?

How much should your CRM cost? If you are paying per login, consider the added costs you will face if you intend on growing your business and putting on more staff. If you are paying for different modules, consider the future costs you will face if you require more functionality.

4. Will you be supported?

If you need some assistance when learning to navigate your new CRM, where will you go? Will you need to speak to someone offshore? Will you need to lodge a support ticket and wait 3-5 days to hear back from someone? Does the provider even offer human-to-human training?

5. What about your data migration?

Ask your potential provider how long they have been migrating data, and specifically if they have handled data from the provider you are migrating from. If the potential provider has not handled data from your current provider, you will need to ask yourself if you are okay with being the test bunny.

Worksorted – The operational workbench for your Financial Planning practice


Every tech stack needs a solid foundation, and in our opinion, that foundation is a central, operational piece of software that delivers efficiency, accuracy, and peace-of-mind to all levels of an advice firm. Worksorted provides that specialised service through a range of functionality (seen in the inner circle below). Of course, advice firms sometimes need more than just the foundation. Below are four other areas you may consider.