A changing industry

Over the past 10 years the Australian financial services industry has been rocked by significant changes to legislation and extreme tightening of regulation.

It’s caused enormous disruption to the way financial planning firms engage with their clients and provide advice. The cost to service clients has increased dramatically and clients themselves are expecting much more from their advice professionals.

To combat these challenges, advice firms must lean on technology to drive sufficient operational efficiency and ensure the client experience is elevated, not compromised. That’s where Worksorted steps in, our cloud-based software provides advice firms with a complete out-of-the-box solution to consolidate, automate, and innovate the way in which they provide advice.

How do we do this?

  • Our collaborative CRM connects staff within a firm, in addition to other external parties such as licensees, referral sources, product providers and compliance teams.
  • Correspondence with clients is made easy with integrated document creation, e-mail and SMS capabilities. These can be created individually or in bulk.
  • Our single client view provides a single source of truth for everything you need to know about your client. Everything from key details, product information, revenue figures, file-notes and other correspondence, all in real-time.
  • We deliver automation at its best – client advocacy is achieved by delivering a consistent experience on time, every time. Worksorted’s automation capabilities performs tasks for you, giving practices complete piece of mind that no client or task is forgotten. This allows staff to focus on improving process, rather than worrying about compliance tasks or wasting time on menial jobs.
  • Revenue management is key to any businesses success. Through our software users can easily report and analyse their revenue, regardless of its origin. Payment processing is also a breeze if you’re forced to part ways with some of your hard-earned dollars.

Finally, for the practices that really want to turn things up, our system enables extensive practice development features through cost-to-income, profitability and KPI reporting.

The collaborative nature of our product enables businesses to develop their own connected financial services ecosystem.  Practices, licensees, product providers, regulators, auditors – anyone who needs to connect to advice businesses – to be involved and benefit.

If you’re ready to start being more efficient, it’s time to get your Worksorted.