Worksorted’s audio transcription service



Many advisers are pushing 4 or so appointments per day and to suit their busy clients, they are running evening meetings either at the office or in client homes.  It’s common for Licensees to expect that meeting file notes are typed up, stored in a meaningful way and done within 24 hours.

Let’s face it, not all advisers are excellent typists and very few enjoy time in front of the computer screen.   Especially after a full day or late appointments.  Advisers prefer to concentrate on giving advice. To support our CRM users, Worksorted offers an audio transcription service on a fee-for-service basis for file note and task updates.

Advisers call a dedicated 1300 number any time of day or night and leave a recorded message. The adviser identifies themselves, their firm and the client or job the note relates to.

The Worksorted Support team receives a copy of the audio file and we transcribe the content into text. This is done by our team, in Australia, producing quality output.  Because of the way Worksorted is designed, with your permission we are able to lodge a copy of the text directly into your client file, along with a copy of the original audio file for your future reference. To neatly close the loop, the adviser is sent a notification that the note is completed.

It’s a pretty simple and incredibly popular service, conveniently saving time for our users.  So put 1300 053 103 into your phones and leave us a message. From there, the Worksorted Support team will sort the rest out for you.