Christmas Cards

You may think the days of hard copy print are well and truly over with a large majority of cards, calendars, personal messages and other marketing collateral now being sent and created online.


What if we told you it’s those smart few that are sticking to their roots and utilising hard copy, personalised cards to greet, remind and congratulate their clients. It’s these few that are truly standing out from the others and are remaining top of mind in the eyes of their clients.


This Christmas let Worksorted take your client relationships to the next level by automating personalised, branded, high quality Christmas cards to be sent to your client database hassle free.


It’s a no brainer… This year’s Christmas card could end up somewhere in here >>> (inbox 1874).


It could be positioned in your clients lounge room, or perhaps their fridge, front and centre ready to spark their memory when it comes time to manage their finances in the new year.


If you have any questions regarding the Worksorted printing service, please contact printing

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