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Annual Advice Agreements

Annual advice agreements are a recent phenomena in our industry with many licensees doing away with FDS and Opt-in and moving towards a combined annual agreement whereby client and adviser agree to services being provided and fees being charged over a 12-month period.


At Worksorted, we stay close with our clients and listen to adviser needs which have allowed us to introduce the first end-to-end annual advice agreement management solution on the market.


All the puzzle pieces come together through Worksorted’s first-class functionality with CRM, revenue management and workflow all playing their part to populate an accurate, easy to understand annual advice agreement document which is sent to clients through Worksorted with integrated e-signature functionality available.


Not only does Worksorted help facilitate the delivery and storage of these agreements, but the system will also provide you with complete oversight over all annual advice agreements end dates so you can ensure these documents are created and delivered on time, every time.


The next step up is fully automating the delivery of your annual advice agreements with customisable document templates and reporting/oversight ability, providing you with confidence in your compliance whilst saving a significant amount of admin time.


If you are moving towards annual advice agreements and need help managing this process, reach out to us at Worksorted, we have the solution for you.

FDS Management

With an end to end FDS management system backed by 15 years of revenue and practice management experience, Worksorted allows Financial Advisers to be confident in their disclosures while being able to manage these documents in an efficient way utilising bulk processes and innovative automation.


The Worksorted FDS journey first begins by carefully analysing all client revenues within the CRM. The software ensures all revenue is 100% matched to clients allowing for accurate disclosure of fees and services. Client service packages are analysed, and a comparison is made between what has been promised to clients and what has been delivered. This paints a clear picture for both the client and the Financial Adviser on the recent service period and brings confidence to clients allowing for strong relationships to be maintained from a successfully delivered service package resulting in a better financial position for clients.


FDS templates are completely customizable and allow you to use your company logo and branding to stay consistent with other company documents. Once FDS are ready to be sent to clients you can efficiently deliver these in bulk to hundreds of clients at the click of a button.

FDS management for Financial Advisers

Opt In for Financial Advisers


Worksorted has been designed to create your Opt In/ Renewal Notices as they become due.

Worksorted allows users to filter and generate those FDS for clients also requiring to Opt In. Depending upon how you are distributing your correspondence, you may wish to print (to provide your Opt In/Renewal Notice with the client FDS) or download (to attach to your Opt In/Renewal notice to your client FDS email).

Worksorted’s Opt in Management page is valuable to track opt in returns and outcomes and resets the client opt-in date for 2 years in the future.

  • Track client opt-in status.
  • One-page management of Opt-In correspondence.
  • View of outstanding Renewal notices awaiting a response.
  • Reporting and audit history of Opt-In.
  • Reset the client’s next biennial Opt-in date.

Service Audit tool

Worksorted has been built to ensure Financial Advisers can be confident that all compliance obligations have been met. Throughout the Worksorted system, there are several compliance tools to assist you in managing compliance. The Service Audit tool allows Financial Advisers to confirm service obligations have been met in line with client service commitments. It also allows Financial Advisers to view previous service periods for audit purposes. This feature tells us “Have we delivered what we promised our clients”.

Need help managing compliance?

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