3 tips for optimising your CRM

You might be in a job currently or have been in the past where you were required to store client details using your firms CRM, leave file notes each time you have spoken to a client or send communication for annual reminders, BUT are you really utilising all your CRM has to offer? Are you actively growing your client relationships? Are you allowing your system to do the hard work for you resulting in confident and long-term clients? After all its “Client Relationship Management”, You should be optimising your system to manage and grow your client relationships further ensuring the sustainability of your business.

Our team thought it was best to give you our top 3 tips for CRM usage to ensure you are accessing all the capabilities within your CRM.

First up its automation. We all know the capabilities of automation, whether its scheduling review reminders on a specific date, using questionnaires to update both your client and their related entities information simultaneously, or even creating smart templates to send through this automated communication. Every successful advice firm creates automated processes within their CRM to take their client relationships to the next level while reducing time spent on these tasks. You know the saying, ”work smart, not hard” – through automation.

Make yourself at home
Do you feel uncomfortable when you walk into your home? Do you forget where to find your belongings? Well your CRM shouldn’t be any different. Customise your home page views to suit your preferences. You can upload your company logo, switch on desired homepage widgets, create your personal profile and even paint the walls with custom colours. Just remember to keep your CRM and client data nice and tidy- just like your home. Remember, it’s your system – Make yourself at home.

Seamless plugin integration is something every quality CRM requires and should offer. Go beyond the individual system and explore all the plugins that your provider has to offer. By utilising a combination of software and technology your CRM you can truly take your client relationship management to the next level. A few of our favourite plugins include Microsoft Outlook, Word and Excel which are all available on the Worksorted system.

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