CRM made for Financial Advisers

CRM for Financial Advisers

Worksorted is a CRM custom made for Financial Advisers. You can log in, go to a client page, put in file notes, work on jobs, create documents, send SMS or create emails. The things you do in the CRM are stored against the client’s records. To make you more efficient, Worksorted takes those functions up another two levels.


The first level up is the ability for Financial Advisers to communicate with their clients in bulk. Like sending a list of clients who are due for review, a personalised SMS in the one action. When you do that in Worksorted, a copy of each message is stored against each client.


The second level up is where you establish fully automated processes in Worksorted. You create your own processes with the content you want to send, to which clients and when. These rules use key dates like birth dates and review dates. Once your rules are set, Worksorted then performs those tasks for you.


It is this higher-level functioning of our CRM that is really supporting financial advice firms and their advisers to deliver high touch service, without the need to click or for that matter to even log into their CRM.

Let Worksorted take care of your practices CRM requirements

When choosing a CRM system, we understand you need to ensure the software is going to be a great fit for your practice. Book a tailored demo and let our team show the specific aspects of the CRM that will be of value to you.