Drilldown report


Worksorted’s drilldown report is considered the flagship revenue report within the software.

The drilldown report allows you to analyse and make sense of revenue received into the business at an adviser, company, product type, revenue type, referral source or even client level, across any historical date range.

The reporting options enable results to be viewed in tabular format, where you can sort information as required, or convert the tables into charts and trend reports for further analysis. Reports can also be exported in excel format for your convenience. You can even spit out a quick remittance document for an adviser if required.

The drilldown report is an exceptional tool to clearly dissect revenue, understand where it’s being generated (product manufacturers and product types) and which sources it has come from (advisers, referral sources and clients). It only takes a few seconds to generate a report then your investigations can begin!

Worksorted wants to help you understand 100% of your revenue at all times. The drilldown report is just one of the many tools that will provide you with the confidence you require to make smart decisions in your practice