Sometimes the most effective marketing can be something as simple as a branded Calendar. Worksorted designs a range of templates which many of our client’s have utilised with great success, often slipping them into their end of year Christmas Cards as an additional gift to their vendors and buyers or adding them as a final touch to their settlement gifts.


A branded Calendar is a creative yet easy piece of marketing collateral to get into people’s hands and onto their fridges, keeping you front and centre in their minds when it comes time to address their finances again.


There’s still time to get yours in time for Christmas, so place your order quickly to ensure your client’s are going to be pleasantly surprised when they open their Christmas cards this year!



Take a look at our templates below to see which one is a fit to your brand. We can create them in either A6 or DL.

1. DL Portrait

2. DL Landscape

3. A6



The artwork price for creating your 2020 calendars is $295 + GST

Printing Costs


We have organised discounted printing prices.  The minimum print run is 100. Please contact us for pricing.