Social Media

An Integral part of the savvy Financial Planner’s marketing toolkit.


Generally, people don’t like talking about their finances. However, imagine taking the details of a passive, potential client and within a week your business name starts appearing in their Facebook feed with almost no effort on your part.
This is the service that we offer, we put your business in front of the right people, helping you to grow your client base, build your social proof and make you completely unignorable to those looking to engage a financial planner.


Social media provides unlimited access to the critical target market within financial services.


Through social media, planners can facilitate targeted marketing campaigns and attract clients with stories of success and compelling testimonials from past clients all on the platforms that feels natural to your target audience.


Social media and all of its glory is here to stay – so it’s time to embrace it and make it an effective and integral part of your marketing strategy. Social media is a key tool to attract new clients, however the benefits of social media can be overlooked if you’re not comfortably familiar with social platforms.


We focus on marketing for financial planning practices and we use our years of knowledge to educate planners on how they can successfully utilise social media to build their career and how social media marketing can assist with traditional aspects of your marketing.

How it works

  1. Choose your package and sign on for social media services
  2. Our social media team gets to know you through a simple yet comprehensive planner
  3. We start creating your content
  4. Your content is then sent to you including professionally written captions for your approval
  5. Once approved we begin scheduling, targeting and boosting your content
  6. At the end of the month we will create a report that outlines how your social content went
  7. We take time to analyse your content successes and then build more content around these areas to improve your results.


Content Pieces per Month – 10
Animations per month- 2
Stories per month – N/A

$1,200 + GST

(Suggested media spend $500 included in package cost)


Content Pieces per Month – 12
Animations per month – 4
Stories per month – 2

$1,990 + GST

(Suggested media spend $700 included in package cost)


Content Pieces per Month – 20
Animations per month – 6
Stories per month – 4

$2,850 + GST

(Suggested media spend $1000 included in package cost)

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