I’m interested in transitioning to Worksorted from my current CRM, will your team be able to on-board my historic client & revenue data?

Yes, our team has extensive experience on-boarding large amounts of historic data from other CRM providers. We act promptly to ensure you and your business experience a smooth transition and are accessing Worksorted with ease in no time, allowing you to reduce operating costs and boost the value of your financial services firm.


I would like to begin using a CRM system in my financial planning practice however I find that costs increase as more staff require access to the system, does Worksorted charge on a ‘per user’ basis?

A Worksorted license gives unlimited access to all staff within the business. License costs do not increase when a new staff member requires a login.


Does Worksorted integrate with other commonly used software

Yes, Worksorted integrates with several commonly used software’s. We are continually looking to expand our integration capabilities and are open to considering new integrations. Please contact us for further information relating to our current integration list.


Does Worksorted have a workflow and time management solution within the CRM?

Yes, individual workflows, jobs and tasks performed can all be tracked using Worksorted. This allows for a deeper understanding of the time costs related to performing many daily tasks in a financial planning firm.


Does Worksorted provide both initial and ongoing training upon purchase of a license?

Upon purchase of a Worksorted license your team will be given a training session with one of our Worksorted professionals. You may also wish to request onsite training. While the system is quite intuitive there are a range of help tools within the system which will give your staff a step by step walkthrough on many of the daily tasks you will be required to perform when utilising the software


Does Worksorted allow the creation and issuing of both FDS and Opt-in statements?

Yes you can easily create, store and issue FDS and Opt-In statements with our complete end-to-end solution. The system will allow you to issue FDS in bulk allowing your staff to save a considerable amount of time as opposed to sending these out individually. Client files are in the one spot, secure and regularly backed up.


Does Worksorted store client notes?

Worksorted is a CRM. You can log in, go to a client page, put in file notes, work on jobs, create documents, send SMS or create emails. The things you do in the CRM are stored against the client’s records.


Within our practice we treat husband and wife as one client. Can we do this in Worksorted?

Yes, when it makes sense to group individuals together in your database (eg. husband, wife, Trust, SMSF) you may use Worksorted Client Group Names or link them using a selection of relationships. Creating relationship links enables a much more detailed view of group structures.


In our practice we have two 70 step processes that we follow to on board new clients. One for personal clients and one for corporate clients. Plus other small day to day processes that we follow when clients call for info. Can we put all this in Worksorted?

Yes, you can use a Job Type to capture the individual steps in a distinct process. The Job will then guide your team through a job using your process. You can create, add and edit as many job types as you wish.


Can I create automated processes in Worksorted where clients will be sent communication automatically?

Yes, Worksorted has powerful process automation functionality which allows the system to perform many of the time consuming, repetitive tasks that advisers would have performed in the past. Worksorted can send review reminders, birthday wishes and other important communication to a specified list of clients at scheduled times of your choice.


Can Worksorted send communication in bulk?

Yes, Worksorted can send bulk emails or SMS to a specified list of clients you define. Communication is completely customisable and is stored as a client note which is timestamped.


What solutions are advisers typically using to complete their SOA’s for clients stored in Worksorted?

Advisers are using Worksorted alongside a range of other modeling tools. Many advisers are also outsourcing their SOA’s resulting in both a cost and time-saving benefit. For further information regarding modeling tools best used alongside Worksorted please request a demo with one of our friendly staff.


I have had a look at your website and would like some further information can someone please contact me?

Absolutely, you can book a demo at a time that is convenient for you by clicking the ‘request a demo’ below. You can also begin chatting with one of our representatives by clicking the ‘Chat now” button at the bottom right of your screen.