FDS made simple

With the recent royal commission in banking, there has never been a more important time to ensure your compliance obligations are being met. A big piece of the compliance puzzle relates to the production and delivery of accurate Fee disclosure statements (FDS) to all clients who have engaged in your services. By delivering these documents accurately and on time advisers can bring confidence to their clients that service agreements are being met thus increasing the likelihood of financial goals being achieved.

With an end to end FDS management system backed by 15 years of revenue and practice management experience, Worksorted makes this much easier allowing advisers to be confident in their disclosures while being able to manage these documents in an efficient way utilising bulk processes and innovative automation.

The Worksorted FDS journey first begins by carefully analyzing all client revenues within the CRM. The software ensures all revenue is 100% matched to clients allowing for an accurate disclosure of fees and services. Client service packages are analyzed, and a comparison is made between what has been promised to clients and what has been delivered. This paints a clear picture for both the client and the adviser on the recent service period and brings confidence to clients allowing for strong relationships to be maintained from a successfully delivered service package resulting in a better financial position for clients.

FDS templates are completely customizable and allow you to use your company logo and branding to stay consistent with other company documents. Once FDS are ready to be sent to clients you can efficiently deliver these in bulk to hundreds of clients at the click of a button.

Get in contact today and learn how your practice can utilise Worksorted’s powerful end to end FDS management functionality.