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Outsource services for FDS and Opt in

The first outsourced service launched to provide FDS & Opt In

Work sorted launched the first outsourced service providing FDS and Opt In, backed by 15 years revenue and practice management experience, and delivering incredible cost and time savings to practices and licensees.

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Backed by 15 years revenue and practice management and experience.
Takes the pressure off key practice resources.
Benefits of scaling will bring cost and time savings to practices and licensees.


  • Revenue import reconciliation to bank statements
  • Push client matching to 100%
  • Shared client disclosure opportunities
  • FDS & Opt In disclosure checks – right sorts of revenue, right clients, service packages, timing
  • History of service delivery and client records maintained
    in Worksorted
  • Monthly, quarterly or annual service delivery
    (minimum bundle 200)
  • Print Option
    • Disclosure template maintenance
    • Generate, print, bundle by adviser and post to practice
    • Pricing – $2.00 per item ex GST and courier
    • Personalised labelled & stamped envelopes
      ($1.75 ex gst)
  • Email Option
    • All pre-checks performed.
    • Generate draft and trigger adviser final approval
    • Send via email to client
    • Pricing – $1.50 per item ex GST

The legislation makes it clear we can provide a service to you, but you keep responsibility for valid disclosure.


Let Worksorted take care of your admin

This offer is open to any practice so you can run your business smarter, fast and efficiently. Let Worksorted take care of it.

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