Getting started

You may have heard from others that it’s worth checking out Worksorted.  We understand that for some, the best way to get to know our capabilities and to get a feel for Worksorted is to get in and have a play around with it yourself – in your own time and self-guided.

So, if you are after your own, free access, to our application we are certainly happy to accommodate you.  Worksorted is organised as a single, centralised and secure application. It’s online and available using any web browser.  To access it, every user has their own, unique user name and password.  The first step to your free access is to use the registration form on the Worksorted website to establish your own profile.

Once we have been automatically notified of your registration, within 24 hours we will connect you to our demonstration group profile.  You will then be at liberty to tinker to your heart’s content.

You will have complete and live access to our system. This will include the WalkMe user guides and you are quite welcome to use our Live Chat function to ask anything of our technical support team.   Don’t be afraid to create activities, assign tasks, create reports or to put your own test notes in to the system. That will help you to understand how it works.

If it’s easier for you, once you have your profile, you might prefer a guided, personalised tour of Worksorted. If that’s the case, please just let us know by booking a time.