Introducing Worksorted

At Worksorted, we provide a focal point that leverages on cloud-based technology in order to provide high-quality services that reduce operating costs associated with the financial services sector. Thus, we partner with financial services firms to offer financial advisers, stockbrokers, accountants and mortgage brokers, as well as standalone para-planners’ true solutions that adds value to companies and their clients.

What We Offer
Worksorted is an extremely intuitive, easy to use, integrated CRM, workflow, document management and revenue solution. Through these services, we are fully equipped to deal with the strenuous demands of the financial services industry, as seen in our offering below:

Revenue Management
From source documents through to payments, reporting and analysis, Worksorted has proven its worth in the delicate sector of revenue management. Moreover, Worksorted offers an in-depth assessment of client revenue, job costs and profit. In this way, Worksorted has aided financial advisers in an effort to find thousands of missing dollars with exceptional reporting that has the ability to highlight missed or ceased payments

The software also assists financial professionals build flexible referral and adviser payment structures with unlimited splits, customized reports and RCTI’s, and provides the ability to quickly calculate and process practice revenue payments, referral sources and adviser’s remuneration.

Workflow Solutions
Engage with staff like never before, as Worksorted provides the means for work allocation, progression monitorization and tracking of responsibilities. Thus, Worksorted becomes a centralized hub for the management of internal workflow.

FDS Management
With the help of cutting-edge tech, Worksorted is equipped to create bottom up, fully-reconciled revenue through FDS-compliant production. This increases the efficiency of bulk FDS processes and reduces FDS production time. Worksorted also creates the means for easy linking of clients for FDS Consolidate group views and the sharing of FDS documents, thus reducing the compliance cost and simplifying FDS for the practice and its clients.

Document Creation
Note creation has never been simpler – choose from a variety of customizable templates along with pre-determined custom fields to produce fast, effective client notes. Worksorted also aids in the creation and storage of client correspondence as well as the outsourcing of document creation that is effectively managed with tools such as voice notes and the ability to give detailed instruction. Effortlessly store documents in a secure and convenient virtual vault for ease of access when required.

Revenue and licensee analysis
Every dollar is matched to the client
Accuracy of analysis is ensured, as revenue is consistently reconciled with bank statements, meaning the payment of clients is accurately and effectively managed.

Revenue reporting
Real- time   analysis, such as upfront and ongoing revenue, client status, segments or product mix as well as easy to access trend reporting.

Easy classification of client status, segment, jobs etc.
Quickly (re) classify your clients or assign bulk jobs to deliver the right services to the correct clients.

Group clients together for accurate views of value
Building   relationships and   consolidating revenues and costs builds an accurate picture of individual and group revenue as well as profitability over time.

Show/hide sensitive data within your business
User permissions may be set to ensure only relevant information is visible to the right individuals within your business.

Revenue statement processing
Licensees and advice practices do not usually consider processing revenue to be a core function of their business. So, it makes sense for the function of revenue processing to be outsourced to our specialist team at Worksorted. We have become synonymous with effective revenue management over the years, so seeking help from our experts is an effective way to go.

Audio transcribe to file note
We are delighted to offer a transcription service that speaks to our desire to offer a comprehensive service range that speaks to our professionality. Simply send your notes on our dedicated number and leave the instructions in the form of an audio note. Quality is ensured.

Design and printing services
Worksorted offers trade prices on various printing options to ensure your business has the high-quality materials you require. To add to that personalized touch, we have the ability to merge your client details from Worksorted into your printed materials. Products include:

Business cards
Christmas cards
Event invitations
Thank you cards
Corporate documents

For more information regarding our printing service please email

Implementation services
When we welcome new users to our CRM, we help them get underway by offering a structured approach to implementing Worksorted in advisory firms. Our team will travel far and wide, if needed, to help your business really integrate Worksorted into the company ethos and to ensure that all of our clients get the most out of what we have to offer.

If you want to learn more about Worksorted and how your business can benefit from utilising all our system has to offer book a demo today!