License terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions

The Worksorted license fee is for your practice, ie. you may have as many staff users as you require within your practice.

Additional services may incur a fee (including importing of additional client lists, importing data from other CRM’s, sending of SMS through Worksorted and where and outsourced service fees are explicitly stated).  Any system-wide data adjustments that may be required within the first 60 days (the implementation period) are included in the Implementation Support Package.  Bulk data adjustments required after that time will be charged at $655 incl GST.

The initial Worksorted license term is for a 12 month period. Your practice will be issued with an invoice monthly or annual as you nominate.  Your license to Worksorted will continue to renew for additional 12-month terms unless you notify us in writing.  Full terms and conditions of using Worksorted are available via a link in the footer of our website  Please note that these are agreed to when registering as a user of Worksorted.

Should you wish to proceed with implementing Worksorted in your practice please return a signed and dated copy of this letter as confirmation of your acceptance of the above.  Alternatively, we will accept your authority to proceed by return email.


Set-up Process

Register your Team

·All practice staff/users to register at – click on the Register button

·Worksorted access will then be created and users will be linked to your site

·Permission settings to be managed by Practice ‘Administrator’


Provide Revenue Data 
Practice to provide a complete month of Revenue Statements – electronic excel compatible statements as provided by platform providers in excel/csv format – 1 file for each payment

·Following confirmation of go-ahead, we will create a job in your Worksorted  profile to allow you to securely transfer this data.  Our team will import the revenue history.

·Your Practice contact to reconcile the revenue in Worksorted once loaded

·Worksorted team to work with your contact to manage revenue recognition from statements (Revenue | Consolidate Labels – initial/ongoing, customised naming)


Provide Client Information
Practice to provide an Excel compatible client list

Provide a full excel compatible client list including first, middle and last names, contact details, segment, service package, review, opt-in and FDS dates and status, as much as possible.  We recommend including details of all clients (even if you consider them inactive), in case small ongoing revenues continue to be received against these clients.  Worksorted has facility to clean these up after revenue has been loaded if/as you require. The Worksorted team is happy to assist with compilation of this data to the Worksorted template should you wish us to do so.


Revenue Matching to Clients
The Worksorted team will link revenue to clients where the matching is considered unambiguous (the percentage of this matching will be reliant on the detail provided in the client list).

Training will be provided to your key practice contact to complete this matching.


Following initial set-up (upload of client details and revenue information and matching of revenue to client profiles) training will be provided in the following areas:

Key practice contact/selected team members
·Upload revenue statements

·Revenue reconciliation

·Match incoming revenues to Client profiles

·Manage customisable fields (Admin | Group Management), ie. client segment, service package, referral sources, client status

·Identify possible terminated policies

·Revenue reporting

All of Practice team

·Add clients and create client relationships

·Add client notes

·Workflow creation and management
The Worksorted team will provide training in adding and managing client notes and jobs (including creating note categories, job types and checklists to embed your processes) as well as adding notes to Worksorted using the Worksorted Outlook plugin if/as required.

·Recording expected revenues and recognising payments (replacing your Work in Progress spreadsheet)


Ongoing Support
You and your team have access to ongoing support via:

·Pre-recorded video tutorials

·Walk Me Through (directed real time onscreen help)

·Live Help (accessible once logged into Worksorted)


·Telephone 08 8165 0499 and speak to one of the Worksorted team Monday to Friday 9.00-5.30 EST.


Additional Options
Please note that additional fees (above your license fee) are incurred for the following:


Shared Service – The service of calling 1300 053 103 to have notes transcribed incurs a fee that will be charged to your account at $2.20 per recorded minute or part thereof.


SMS – Sending SMS through Worksorted is charged at $0.15 per SMS (160 characters).  These charges will be billed monthly or half-yearly depending upon volume.

Further information is contained within the Worksorted ‘platform terms of use’.

Any data stored in Worksorted/Worksorted is securely stored on servers in Australia and backed up every hour.


Further specific assistance may be provided by the Worksorted team. Please note that an additional fee may be incurred for the following

·Customised training in revenue reporting and analysis (including segmenting your clients by revenue received, assistance with reporting for purchasing or selling a client list).

·One month’s revenue data uploaded into Worksorted and reconciled to your bank statement.

·Unambiguous client revenue matching (linking revenue to clients).

·Customised team training (online).

·Any required database adjustments in the first 30 days of implementation.