Revenue bands report

The ‘Client revenue bands’ report is a powerful tool that provides an instantaneous view of your clients, segmented by revenue across a number of pre-defined ‘revenue bands’ (including zero and negative amounts).

The report provides a clear visual to a business on where all clients sit from a revenue perspective, opening up the opportunity to review client segmentation, service offerings, review potential. At a click of a button, users can access a list of clients in each revenue band for further analysis or actioning various activities (e-mailing clients for review meetings, initiating internal workflow activities, etc).

By understanding which clients are most valuable to the sustainability of the practice, you can adjust service levels or service packages to ensure you are looking after those who are most important to your practice. In the same vein, this report also identifies areas of improvement and opportunity with lower value clients. Advisers run this report periodically, ensuring they are aware of how their business is operating and identifying any trends or anomalies which might exist.

Worksorted wants to help you understand 100% of your revenue at all times. The revenue bands report is just one of the many tools that will provide you with the confidence you require to make smart decisions in your practice

To get the optimal results from this report, the following tasks should be completed.

  • Update revenue statements
  • Client revenue matched 100%
  • Consolidate labels