Support Videos

August 2019 Development Updates

In this session we cover all the recent updates and enhancements that occured throughout July & August including FDS updates, new placeholders & filters, new fields, process automation, Worksorted essentials training and the release of the Support and Learning tab.

How to use Process Automation

In this session we show you how Worksorted can perform many of the time consuming, repetitive tasks that staff are currently handling including having Worksorted send an SMS to clients on their birthday, having review jobs created for staff and even having review reminders sent to clients 30 days prior to their review date.

Sharing client details

In this session we show you how to build relationships and share details between related entities.

July 2019 – Job Priorities

This training will show you how to assign a high or low priority to a job and how users in your business can view priorities.

July 2019 – User permissions (administrator)

This training will show you how to assign adminstration permissions to a Worksorted user in your business.

May 2019 Development Updates

In this session we cover all major updates from May 2019 including some things you might have missed from April, Clientcomm integration, the outlook plugin, new widgets, hints and tips and much more.

Microsoft Word Masterclass

This training will cover the Microsoft Word Plugin for the Worksorted System. From uninstalling a current and installing the most up to date version of the Plugin. Worksorted has leveraged Word’s mail-merge functionality allowing Worksorted practices to access their client information with Word’s sophisticated document formatting.

April 2019 Development Updates

In this session we cover all major updates from April including the Mac plugin release, Worksorted user benchmarks in relation to notes added and jobs completed, FDS & Opt-In improvements, new client fields and much more.

Worksorted Highlights 2018

In this session we cover all major updates which have occurred over the last 12 month and detailing how your practice can benefit by implementing these in your business. We also release some data relating to the “average” Worksorted user allowing you to understand where your usage sits amongst all others and what you can do to improve upon your current usage.

Worksorted documents masterclass

In this session we discuss everything “document” related in Worksorted including production and configuration of documents, placeholders, template’s and a few user extra user tips.

Worksorted Microsoft plugins masterclass

This session covers the Microsoft Outlook, Word and Excel plugins. We discuss the benefits they will provide to your practice, the functionality of the plugins as well as the installation process.

Quick Intro to Worksorted

This video provides a shortened version introduction to the core features of Worksorted.

An Introduction to Worksorted


For those with a bit more time, we offer here a more thorough introduction to Worksorted.

Worksorted Update – May 2017


Worksorted updates its application virtually daily.  Our changes are notified to each of our users through Twitter, feeding directly to the Worksorted home page.  Periodically, we also run webinars to update users on our activities, to keep them abreast of the things that may benefit them in their firms.  In this webinar we consider changes in the months leading into May 2017.  We achieved alot of big steps forward in these releases and would invite any specific questions you have to be sent to us.  We are always willing to chat about updates with our clients.

Practice Efficiency FDS & Opt In


Backed by its rules-based revenue engine, the Worksorted CRM contains embedded processes for managing Fee Disclose Statements (FDS) and Opt-in processes.  These can be handled at either the licensee level, but more practically are prepared as part of the day-to-day functions of a financial advice firm.  Worksorted’s Opt-in process is truly a complete, end to end solution – from the collation and sorting of revenue information through to the important process of ensuring product manufacturers are notified and switch off opted-out revenue.

New User Training Session


For new users to the Worksorted application seeking an overview of the systems capabilities and the basic steps needed to get using our application for workflow, CRM and understanding client revenue.

Generating Fee Disclosure Statements in Worksorted


For those financial services firms using the Worksorted CRM for Fee Disclosure Statements (FDS), this session considers the mechanics of getting the right information into Worksorted and the process of FDS creation, sending to clients and reporting on your FDS activities.

Managing your Client List


Keeping good records about your clients in your CRM is a really important part of operating a financial services advice business.  Worksorted offers flexible views of your client records, to help you assess the quality of your information as well as to fire off bulk processes (such as updating client records, sending SMS, emails or creating documents).  Having good data in Worksorted and using the very efficient bulk client management tools saves you time and effort in your practice.

Practice Revenue Analysis in Worksorted


Worksorted has a powerful revenue engine.  It is the only CRM solution built to give you a complete view of client revenue, dynamically, in the one spot and across all of the financial products and services that you offer in your firm.  Client by client.  Group by group.  This video assesses how the big picture can be assessed, looking across your practice at all of the revenue you receive, to consider point in time views of your clients and trends in your revenue over time.

Practice Activity Reporting


Workflow and task management is a core part of the Worksorted application. Our solution is delivered via the web and our pricing structure does not charge per seat, which means the more people you have connected your practice’s workflow the better value the CRM is for you. Furthermore, by inviting people to join in your workflow and task management through Worksorted, mean that you can work much more seamlessly with external para-planning teams, offshore accounting and bookkeeping staff, business consultants, licensee management team or your referral partners. The reporting of activity offered through a series of Worksorted pages is showcased in this tutorial video.

Cleaning your Client Data


Something that we are very intent on at Worksorted, is helping firm keep their CRM’s clean, neat and tidy.   This means that we encourage and support firms to ensure that their information is complete and accurate at all times. By working to support firms with this, our CRM is able to deliver confidence in the information and in the reporting that is offered throughout the Worksorted application.  There are a range of methods that firms can use to quickly and easily update client records throughout the CRM.  This video walks through some of the suggested processes that we recommend to help you maintain good quality CRM records which, in turn makes practice compliance simpler and gives your teams more confidence as it move through and performs activities or runs reports through Worksorted.

Storing Documents in Worksorted


Whether generated from within Worksorted or using other applications, documents can be stored in Worksorted. Worksorted provides secure, centralised storage of documents and users are offered permission based access to those documents from where-ever you are. There are no set caps on document storage (just a fair play basis) and the cost of storage is included in your single, practice-wide Worksorted license fee.

Creating Templates


Templates are used throughout worksorted to simplify the creation of SMS messages, emails or other forms of correspondence.  Advice firm administrators are given complete control over the number and type of document templates that are used throughout their practices.  A simple interface allows users to customise the content contained in templates, including a vast array of placeholders that ensure the dynamic client or revenue information is able to flow through to the various forms of correspondence created throughout Worksorted.

Managing Client Reviews


Reviewing client advice needs is a core part of most professional financial service businesses.   Worksorted offers a structured, simple approach to keeping track of review requirements, as well as the communications, file notes and documents that need to be provided as part of the client review processes.

Paying Advisers and Referral Sources


Financial advice firms use Worksorted to collate inbound revenue, to help them understand the entire relationship that they have with their clients, and client groups.   Once they have sorted their inbound revenue, firms are able to use rules-based intelligent calculations that are built into Worksorted, to determine values that need to be passed on payments to their team, their advisers or referral sources, to recognise those partners for their contribution to business revenue.

Workflow – concepts, basics & settings


Worksorted’s workflow facilitates the inclusion of external referral source partners, or external service providers (such as para-planners and offshore data processing team members).  The license fee structure for Worksorted allows for an unlimited number of user to be connected to your financial services firm’s Worksorted CRM, so that you can control the way in which external parties engage with your firm.  Worksorted offers each users – whether inside or outside you practice – to become heavily engaged in your day to day workflow activities, with notifications send via email or SMS when relevant activities occur in your task workflow – such as new items created, items being assigned to someone to do, or due dates for tasks being reached.  It is simple, powerful workflow solution, suitable for any financial services advice business.

File Notes and Task Updates via 1300 Recorded Message


We call this service Edith.  For those old enough to remember, this service provided by the Australian-based Worksorted Support team emulates the typing pools of old.  A dedicated 1300 number is used by any Worksorted participant to record an audio file (just like leaving a message on voicemail).  The Worksorted team automatically received notification of the audio file and sets about transcribing the file note and entering the converted text into a file note against the particular client in your firm’s CRM.  A copy of the original audio file that you left for Edith is also included so that your compliance record of client conversations is held on your client’s file.  An extremely popular feature of Worksorted – Edith provides enormous value, especially for those holding late afternoon or evening appointments, and is billed out to users on a cost-per-minute user pay basis.

Worksorted Outlook Plugin


One of the most popular feature of Worksorted, the Microsoft Outlook plugin enables email threads and the documents that relate to them, to be passed across into Worksorted as client file notes, job notes or to create and assign jobs in the Worksorted CRM.

Client Communication & Correspondence in Worksorted


Worksorted is used by financial advice firms to created (often templated) letters, emails and SMS correspondence between the firm and it clients.  There are a number of levels of this activity – starting with client by client communications, through to the automation of correspondence based on trigger event dates that are relevant to clients (such as those clients due for review or policy anniversary date).

SMS through Worksorted


A very simple form of communication with clients, Worksorted offers the option of one way, or two way (reply-enabled) SMS messaging.  The process is completely embedded within the Worksorted system, and the message content is stored immediately against the client record in the CRM.

Expected Pipeline Revenue in Worksorted


The Worksorted application removes the need for practices and advice firms to manage external WIP or expected revenue spreadsheets.  Worksorted caters for both new business upfront and ongoing revenue, and reporys on new business levels by product type, adviser, by client.   Our solution becomes an integral part of the process in tracking where items are up to in the new business process.  An array of reports are available to help manage the firms suspense and to ensure that the revenue you expect earn is ultimately received by your business, from clients or from product manufacturers, in a timely and accurate manner.

Getting started with Worksorted

Login to the system, take a Worksorted demo, customise your profile and set your preferences