Workflow solution for Financial Advisers

Workflow for Financial Advisers

Worksorted’s workflow solution has been custom made for Financial Advisers to ensure advice practices can efficiently track and manage all aspects of jobs and tasks carried out on a day to day basis. Worksorted allows you to customise your workflow to create jobs, allocate responsibilities and monitor the progress of all tasks. Workflow items may be as structured or free flowing as the business decides while allowing collaboration with internal and external users, such as paraplanners, solicitors, accountants or your referral partners.


Notes and documents relating to clients and any related tasks are all stored and easily retrievable. It is possible for licensees – where they have multiple and remote practices and Financial Advisers – to access Worksorted as an oversight on jobs, notes, and activities of their constituent businesses.


Workflow activities can incorporate time and cost measures, for those wishing to use Worksorted to determine Client and Client Group contributions to profitability. Costs may be based on your choice of any combination of time-based, notional costs of a job type, or the actual direct cost of a job.


By utilising Worksorted’s workflow solution you can ensure business and client activities are together in one central and easily accessible location.

Let Worksorted assist creating more productive and efficient workflow practices

When choosing a new system to help manage your practice workflows, we understand you need to ensure the software is going to be a great fit. Book a tailored demo and let our team show the specific aspects of Worksorted that will be of value to you.