Worksorted reports you should be using

Worksorted reports present practice information in an organised format and provide a detailed breakdown of data stored within the CRM. These reports supply a visual representation of the trends, forecasts and historical statistics that otherwise may have been missed when what we think is happening in our business is purely an estimate in our minds. The below reports are some of the Worksorted team’s favorites however make sure you explore all the reports Worksorted has to offer – we are sure you will learn a few things about your business.


Drilldown report
The drilldown is our staple report and is a great place to start. This report will allow you to identify revenue based on adviser, company, revenue type, product, client and referral source. You can filter the report by specific date ranges which will provide powerful insights as to where revenue is being generated from for specific periods. You can also run trend reporting over a particular date range by adviser, company, product and revenue type.

Revenue bands report
This report displays the number of clients generating revenues for a specified date range in pre-defined revenue ‘bands’ and will display the percentage of the client base and percentage of revenue along with an average revenue per band. You can obtain the list of clients per band and perform bulk actions such as email or SMS. Overall this report indicates which revenue segments are providing the most or least income to your practice.

Practice revenue trends
This report displays the change in business revenue over time. You can filter the report by date range, frequency or revenue type and includes year on year comparisons.











Revenue Matrix
The revenue Matrix will display total revenue values against two selected values, eg. Adviser Code, Product, Company and/or Revenue Type for a selected date range. This report can be useful for identifying the value of disclosable revenues for fee disclosure purposes (Product by Revenue Type).














Client revenue summary
This report breaks down client by client revenue by detailed revenue type (Initial, ongoing, renewal, trail etc). This report also allows users to review clients with revenue values by Product, Company, Revenue Type or Adviser Code. This report provides powerful insights as to a client’s total revenue summary and where this revenue s being generated from. Please note this report relies on revenues being matched to clients.


















If you would like to learn more about what reporting Worksorted offers please don’t hesitate to get in contact with our team.